Nordisk møte 2018

Nordisk møte mellom punktskriftutvalgene i Norge, Sverige, Danmark og Finland ble avholdt 18. – 19. oktober 2018. Konferansen gikk for det meste på engelsk. Under er programmet og lenke til en del av presentasjonene.

Nordic Braille Meeting 18th – 19th October 2018

Scandic hotel, Solli, Oslo
Parkveien 68


Thursday 18th of October:

14.00: Welcome to Nordic Braille Meeting / Oddvar Øyan

14.10: Presentation of the participants

14.25: About the theme for the meeting / Astrid Kristin Vik

14.30: Theme day 1: Early intervention for Braille Literacy

14.30: Children who will be learning Braille / Astrid Kristin Vik

14.50: Information about Lego-bricks project: using Lego-bricks as a means of playing Braille into the minds and hands of young children / John D. Heilbrunn

15.05: Danish experience and thoughts on early tactile stimulation and introduction to Braille in various attractive settings / Dorte Larsen, Annie Skov-Nielsen and John D. Heilbrunn

15.25: Break

15.40: Production of digital teaching materials for students with blindness: Problem-based study on providing accessibility / Björn Nyqvist
Link: Production of digital teaching materials for students with blindness

16.00: New production systems – new possibilities. What does the reader want? / Kari Rudjord

16.15: Support materials in mathematics for pupils with blindness / Katarina Hägg SPSM

16.30: Break

17.00: Reports from the countries: Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Norway

18.00: Summary of day 1

Friday 19th of October:

09.00: Theme day 2: Braille music

09.05: The DAISY Music Braille Project: findings, activity, and future plans to secure the future of paper-based music Braille production / Sarah M. Wilkins
Link to the DAISY project

09.50: Question and discussions

10.30: Break

10.45: Thoughts about production of musical notes in Braille and about training in their use / Pilar Menéndez-Pérez
Link: Production and training of musical notes

11:05: A presentation of what competence blind students must have in Braille music to fulfill the music competence aims in Norwegian curriculums / Nina Tveter
Link: Why is braille music competence so crucial.pdf

11.40: Braille music in Swedish schools / Sara Backström Lindeberg
Link: Braille_music_in_swedish_schools_181017.pdf

12.00: Summary of day 2

12.30: Closing and thoughts regarding next Nordic Braille meeting in 2019